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     Dave Owens Interview from The Beat Ranch

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    Dave Owens Interview from The Beat Ranch Empty
    PostSubject: Dave Owens Interview from The Beat Ranch   Dave Owens Interview from The Beat Ranch EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 5:05 pm

    Dave Owens Intreview from The Beat Ranch

    Alright people hold on to your butts because this week we have a man that needs no introduction. A man who has taken hard house by storm, chewed it up and spit it out. Having had huge releases on every major label like Vicious Circle, Toolbox, Hammerheadz, Flashpoint, Octane and of course hs own label TurtleDog.

    So now without further ado we at TheBeatRanch.com are proud to present none other that Dave Owens

    Hello Mr Owens and thank you for the time to answer our questions.

    No problem at all. Happy to help out.

    What got you into the the Hard House and Nrg scene to begin with?

    I've always loved electronic music, but I was originally a trance fan around the 94-97 era, at the time I was going out to clubs like Bakers in Birmingham, loads of the mixes would go to deadbeats and with the soundsystem in there this was always my favourite bit, then I discovered that there was an entire genre based around this..!

    Did you listen or want to play other styles of music before hard house?

    I listened to all kinds of things really, and still have loads of trance records from back then.. As much as I love pop music and easy listening stuff, the only thing I really get interested in playing or making besides Hard House is probably Drum and Bass.

    How long have you been DJing and/or producing for?

    I've been DJing for almost ten years now.. That was always a first love. I'm more recognised for the producing side of things now, but I was always a DJ first. Producing I think it's only really been in the last 3/4 years.. alot of that early time I don't count though as the stuff was awful. Haha.

    Can you give us a run-down of your studio? What is some of the best bits to work with?

    I wont bore you with a kitlist, but the main backbone is the G5. I moved to Apple two years ago and have since ditched all of the PC's in our house. I love them. The most exciting bits to work with are probably the four screens (I constantly get 'mission control' jokes, haha) some of the hardware bits like the Virus, or just simply the Juno2. I love the feel of the keys on it, so I normally leave Logic just open in the background of whatever else I'm doing and tap keys when I get distracted.

    We at the Ranch noticed that a lot of you're earlier releases were on Flashpoint or Flashpoint Digital. Did Marc just believe in you more than others, and did he have a lot of influence in your production career?

    I wouldn't go as far to say Marc had much influence on my productions really. I always loved the passion he had for what he did, always 108% but it would have definitely have been Nik [Denton] at Toolbox HQ that had the belief in me and gave me a platform to showcase alot of my work.

    You have had the chance to engineer for many producers, who have you not worked with and who has been your favorite to work with?

    I generally prefer to work with other engineers or people who are trying to learn the ropes themselves, it always makes for interesting tracks as we try to push the boundaries. As far as people on my list to work with I've still got; EQUINOX (yes, that's in capitals for a reason!) and Paul Janes. I've spoken to Andy Farley and Ilogik about coming in so those are both something I'm looking forward to. Also I'd very much like at some point to get Paul Glazby in, as he was such a heavy influence on my earlier sound.

    You also produce a lot with Frank Farrell. How did that come about did you grow up together or meet in the scene by chance?

    Frank and I met years ago on a site called frankdigsfatchicks.com

    How did you and Frank come up with the name Munkjack?

    It was actually Frank's idea. I had always wanted there to be a joint name as I thought Frank Farrell & Dave Owens looked a bit long winded. Frank was telling me a story about some dead half pony half deer thing that he had seen on the way up to mine, he text a collegue at his work to find out what it was called, and they replied "Munkjack" so it seemed apt. (In actual fact, the animal is called a Muntjac and Frank also now believes that it was nothing more than a plastic bag on the side of the road he saw.)

    Any future Munkjack releases in the pipeline?

    They are always in the pipeline, but nothing has been penned in yet. With both mine and Frank's engineering schedules as well as personal commitments, it's rare we get enough time off to just sit in the studio together eating Hot Tamales.

    When did you decide to start up your label TurtleDog? What can people expect from it in the next year?

    The label started around two years ago, and basically was always to just be an output for my own material. It was always frustrating in the vinyl scene having projects that I had finished a year previous still waiting to come out. With TDog I could finish a track that day and have it up for the public in the evening, which is much more refreshing in my eyes. People may not know when stuff is coming out, but it keeps the release schedule fresh and people interested.

    Next year is going to be a year of featured projects; there are remixes due from Defective Audio, Equinox, Ilogik and Paul Janes as well as Valex. Plus a few of my own projects that I have written on my board but just havent had a chance to get around to. The releases have been quite spaced out due to me not having the time to get many projects completed, I'm hoping to rectify this next year.

    Your label Hammerheadz just released its latest vinyl from the Toolbox headquaters. How did Hammerheadz come about, and what is your relationship with Toolbox?

    Hammerheads was originally Nik's idea. A couple of years back the harder sound was becoming more and more prevalent. With an interest in the harder sounds as well as the housey stuff and to cater for this sub genre, Nik decided to create a sister label to Toolbox, one that would specialise in the harder end of the spectrum. With my interest in the harder side, it seemed to make sense to have me look after the label.

    Do you plan on more Hammerheadz vinyl releases?

    There are plans for some more Hammerheads vinyl in the new year. Hopefully Frank and I will be able to get together for another Munkjack EP so watch this space..

    Seeing that you produce like a monster. What does a guy like you do in his spare time ?

    Haha, eat. I don't really have spare time as such, most of my weekends are booked with engineering gigs and time off other than that is spent either relaxing, cooking or on the wii with the missus. Oh yeah, or at HomeSense haha.

    Any last words?

    Only a few plugs - TurtleDog|Online is now fully functioning and up to date, there's full info about the studio and bookings etc as well as a gallery.

    The next installment of Shake & Bake is set to coincide with this interview and so will be available soon from TheBeatRanch.com, then shortly after from the TurtleDog site.

    Finally, engineering is available, contact studio@turtledogonline.com for further details or visit TurtleDog online for an extensive kit list, as well as a studio discography.

    Thanks guys and all the best.

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    Dave Owens Interview from The Beat Ranch

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