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 October Inferno Magazine feat Interview w/ Bas Mooy

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Luke Creed

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PostSubject: October Inferno Magazine feat Interview w/ Bas Mooy   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:16 pm

Out NOW!


October mix : 2 hour tech house/techno mix

1 Fabio Gianneli - Count Up
2 Steve Mac - Hear That
3 Alemo - Liberation
4 Carlos Zarate & Tim Jirgenson - The Rabbit Proof Fence (Daschmooze mix)
5 Smacs, Patrick Kong - Flugverbot (Tigerskin mix)
6 Mic Newman - The Aries (Afrilounge's Dirty cut)
7 Sinisa Lukic & Sasa Radic - Easy but Lazy
8 Phunk Investigation - My Poltergeist (Sami Wentz crazy mix)
9 Dustin Zahn - Stranger to Stability (Len Faki podium mix)
10 Timmy & Tommy - Brainwashed Jucks
11 Steve Mac & Paul Harris - Dizzy Heights
12 The Grid - Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet mix)
13 Danny Loko - Somos Nozes (DJ Jack pres. JK5 E Arvres mix)
14 Wehbba & Propulse - Wrong Side Business
15 Jonno Brien - Rewind - (Brian Taaffe mix)
16 Bas Mooy - Like a Virgin (Submerge 101 mix)
17 Ortin Cam - Carnage
18 Cave - Remode
19 Peppelino - The Army (rework)
20 Peppelino - Godfather
21 John Karagiannis, Pay LipService - Kidnapping Situation (A. Paul mix)
22 Raul Mezcolanza Bailar (Vocal version)


This is my previous interview with Dj Mita of the Concrete djz.

Luke: Hello Mita, just want to start off by saying thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview,
How are things going for you at the moment?

Mita: Hi Luke! Thank you kindly for your invitation to do this interview.

Things are doing pretty well at the moment,very busy with lots of projects going around and few yet to come out.
I cant complain really it's what i love to do so im giving my best to put the music and the story out there to the people.

Luke: How did you end up as a Dj/Producer/Lable owner? What/who were your early Influences?

Mita: It all came somewhat in its own "natural" way so to say with big influence from my elders at first.
My music adventure began in the early 90' with mixtapes from various bands i got from my older mates.
Later i started listening to radio stations and to follow the "alternative" scene through radio and tv.
That was the period of my teenage,and biggest influence at that time for me was legendary concert of
The Prodigy that took place in Belgrade in 95'.
Then followed my hip hop phase which lasted not so long looking at active involvment with my demo band.
We recorded few songs and went each his own way in life.Tho i still love and produce hip hiop to this day : )

After,in highschool period i got the invitation from one mate to come with him to the "Industria" club for the first time.
Club Industria was the only club at that time that had electronic music program in its weekend calendars.
Techno and trance to be precise.from that point,first as a devoted club visitor and music lover i got interested
in all that dj culture was offering at that time,and which was for me exactly what i needed to express my
energy and personality.So rest is history : ) The Concrete Djz were born,in 2003,and we started working seriously on
presenting our project to the worldwide audience.

Luke: ver the past few years we have seen a barrage of Concrete djz releases, how does the team of four operate together in producing?

Mita: Yeah,it looks hard but actually its all a matter of our friendship firstly and our love for the techno sound.
We have the same vision when music comes in question and same entusiasm for what we do in studio.
Its a different approach every next time.Basically one can write a tune the other will arrange it and produce it.
Or we all write it down and finish it together,it really is a studio work in basic a nice friendship and result
is always Concrete Djz.

Luke: and also in Djing?

Mita: As for dj-ing,we are traveling the world with Concrete Djz,playing as a dj team.Be it b2b or vs on 4 decks 2 dj team.
It depends really from what a club or a night wants,to what are the circumstances and what kinda arrangment we have in front of us.
its alla matter of working it out..We work as a clockwork! ; )

Luke: It sounds like you have a great team with Concrete Djz, and i for one really like the style the 4 man team have,
Do you have any plans to do any solo productions in the future?

Mita: Yeah,well..We are team players,but also individuals.I myself have few numbers released under DJ Mita,and couple of alias projects releases.
In general,we respect each other as individuals as much as we respect The Concrete Djz as a team.

Luke: What would be your preferred production program?

Mita: Nuendo and recently Ableton.Those 2 programs can make wonders when combined with knowledge.

Luke: What was your most memorable gig or event?

Mita: Not any in particular really,we try to have a good time anywhere we play : )

Luke: In Ireland the Minimal invasion has more then taken over, what is it like in Serbia? Where do you see the techno scene going over the next 10 years?

Mita: We can say the same for Serbia,but all that is healthy for Techno in general...Another cycle is about and it can only bring something new
for the future.Actually its happening now,and we are happy to stay tuned for teh result.

Luke: Recently 2 of Irelands biggest Vinyl shops closed down, Do you ever think Digital mediums are taking over? do you think Vinyl will ever die?

Mita: Digital is taking over for sure.But vinyl is a format that can't die! It is just moving to the point where its a matter of
luxury having a vinyl label for collectors that truly love the sound of it and the tradition itself.
The tradiotion of having something which holds the artwork and music on it is irreplacable for us.
But we can't deny the advantages of digital mediums.

Luke: I see you have a radio show on absolute-technoise radio, Grooveadelic, I recently downloaded the show with Go Hiyama, great stuff from him as always.
Have you any plans for future shows? And also same question for the Beton radio show?

Mita: My mate from Germany Peter Arendt (DL-E) and i run Groovadelic as an output for dark and groovy sounds of techno.We are trying to present exclusive recordings from artists
that we like..Next in line as our exclusive guest for groovadelicc will be no other than Makaton! Watchout end of september,or just find the dl archives on our online pages if u miss it.As for Beton show,we continue in 2009 on techno.fm radio and we have done 40 emissions so far.
All of them with 2 exclusive guests and sometimes our own mixes too.Beton radio is a brainchild of the Concrete Djz,and with it we try and help promote the artits we collaborate with,aswell as the techno sound itself that we present.Its a weekly show and download archives can be found on myspace page www.myspace.com/betonradioshow
if any wants to check it out.

Luke: Have you ever been to Ireland before? : )

Mita: So far we havent visited Ireland,but we hope to get invited soon.We have played in your neighbourhood few times already tho,on the island of UK.
We will be happy to come when we get the chance for sure.

For all informations on our work,music and tourdates visit our pages


Thanks for invite to do this interview Luke! Guys also send their thanks.
DJ MITA in behalf of The Concrete Djz

Luke: Thanks for doing it mate, have an excellent week, im sure we will be in touch soon
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October Inferno Magazine feat Interview w/ Bas Mooy

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